Post Reunion Survey

The committee was overwhelmed with an incredible amount of positive feedback concerning the reunion.  Thank you all so much!  Please take a minute to fill out our "Post Reunion Survey" so that we may get your thoughts and ideas for the next reunion.

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1)   When would you like our next reunion to be?

  45 year Reunion (2018)
  50 year Reunion (2023)
2)   What type of reunion would you prefer the next one to be?

  An event weekend w/Happy Hour & a Dinner.
  An evening of drinks & light snacks.
  Something simple like a picnic
3)   If you live out of town and the next reunion was only one evening or something very simple would you still come to the reunion?

Yes No
4)   What was your favorite part of the reunion festivities?

5)   Did you stay at the Embassy Suites during the reunion weekend?

Yes No
6)   If you did stay at the Embassy Suites, did the hotel meet your expectations? Was it a good value?

7)   Would you like the next reunion combined with other class years?

Yes No
8)   If you would like the next reunion combined with other classes what year or years?

9)   If we had another Reunion Weekend, would you add any other events to the weekend?

10)   For our next event do you have any program or location suggestions?

11)   Would you like to get together for a yearly Happy Hour?

Yes No
12)   We will be closing the website down after the first of the year. How would you like to be notified of up coming events?

  By mail (snail mail)
  Should we set up a Blog?