Class Reunion Survey For Those Attending

This survey is for the purpose of fun awards and prizes to be announced at our 40th Reunion.  Please fill out the survey if you are attending the Reunion Dinner.  Any questions you don't wish to answer you may skip to the next question.

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1)   Which Elementary School did you attend?

  Royal Palm
  Desert View
  Mountain View
  Most Holy Trinity

2)   Which sports or groups were you involved with at SHS? Any special awards received or interesting facts we should know about?

3)   How many children do you have? What is the age of the youngest? What is the age of the oldest?

4)   Did your kids attend SHS?

Yes No
5)   How many grandchildren do you have? How old is the oldest? How old is the youngest?

6)   Have you ever been married?

Yes No
7)   If married, how long have you been married?

Looking for the longest time married and the shortest time married.
8)   How many times have you been married? (If you want to share)

  6 or More
9)   Did you marry a Sunnyslope alumni? How long have you been married?

10)   If you are still working, how long have you worked at your current job? What is or was your occupation?

11)   If you are retired, how long have you been retired?

12)   What is the most unique job you ever had?

Race car driver, private investigator, research biologist? Most dangerous, most boring or most interesting.
13)   Were you in the military? How many years did you serve? Anything you would like to share about your service to our country?

14)   What interesting hobbies do you have?

Singer in a band, coaching sports, photography, traveling, guitar player, chef, etc?
15)   Did you have a favorite teacher or coach at SHS? Any funny or interesting story about them you would like to share?

16)   Do you or your parents still live in the same home you grew up in?

17)   How far will you be traveling to attend the reunion?

18)   What is the SHS memory that stands out for you?

19)   What has been your favorite vacation and why?

20)   How many states or countries have you visited?

21)   How many states or countries have you lived in?

22)   Any special causes or charities you are involved with? What kind of activities do you do? How many hours do you devote to it? Years you have been involved?

Such as March for Dimes annual walk. Work at a food bank. Promote Autism Awareness. 10K runs or annual Golf Tournaments for a special group?
23)   The funniest or craziest thing you have done in the last 40 years?

24)   What is your funniest memory of SHS (which you can share)?

25)   Something interesting about yourself or your life you would like to share?

Personal victories. Beat Cancer. Midlife career changes.