Message to my classmates

  10:26pm Oct 10
From:  Mitzi Torri ~ to my classmates

Unfortunately, I am one of those federal employees on furlough without a paycheck. I'm fine to weather the shutdown, but only if I watch my pennies and nickels. Plus, this follows a summer of partial paychecks due to the sequester furloughs, and comes right at the time that I just paid tuition, fraternity dues, books, etc. for two kids in college.
Please tell everyone I wish I were there. I'm doing well and enjoying the empty nester's life in a unique and culturally fascinating city. I have a warehouse loft apartment in the Warehouse/Arts District of New Orleans, midway between the French Quarter and the Garden District. I'm putting my law degree to good use as an administrative hearing officer (administrative law judge) for the IRS by day, attending blues and jazz festivals in evenings and on weekends, and otherwise taking in all that life here has to offer. Dating casually (no one special) because the Louisiana boys just don't measure up to the Arizona men!
Anyone in the Class of '73 MUST contact me if they are coming to New Orleans and allow me to show off my adopted city and its cuisine. Vanessa Fong Garrison and her husband were here last year and had a blast!
My home email is My offer to host Vikings in this wonderful, amazing, exciting city is sincere -- tell everyone to make it a destination. If they care to sleep on a sofa in my living room -- well, that serves as my guest room and it's available!
Hugs to all.